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Clock With Logo For Just


Would you like to get a virtual clock with your company logo?

Would you like to get a virtual clock with a link pointing to your web site?

You can distribute those clocks as gifts to your site visitors.

If people place your clocks on their web sites, your clocks become the advertisement with links pointing to your site. The more people use your clock, the more exposure and hits you get.
If you are interested in this unique low cost way to promote your site, purchase one of our virtual  analog clocks with your logo and your link and get a banner of standard size (60x468) with digital clock for free
(also with your link) Get  it  right now.  Just  choose  an existing model and  specify it in  your order. 

After secure payment procedure you will be asked to fill small order form. If you are going to order a clock with your logo, make sure you have your logo image ready to upload (.jpg or .gif). For only a one time fee of $24.99 we will place your logo with a link back to your site on any of our existing clocks. Give us 24 hours (usually less) after sending your request to prepare a clock with your logo. Select model that fits your web site design and specify it in your order. Upon completion of the order we will email you all necessary codes and files along with instructions.

Discussing of your clock design before purchase may not be a bad idea. Send your questions and suggestions to


Otherwise after payment procedure in Comments field of the order form you may describe your clock in details:
clockWould you like to change color of the model of your choice? (Existing color if not specified)
clockMention desirable color of gift banner digital clock.
clockIf you wish to order a clock for desktop specify background color or image (Blue color if not specified)
     Any other comments and wishes are welcomed. Price will remain the same:



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